Collaboration in Research and Development Projects


Title: Regulated deficit irrigation management to improve the water use in  woody crops located on semi-arid areas.

The main objective is to manage the irrigation to improve the water  efficiency in woody crops. To acomplish this , it is essential to monitor different irrigation treatments (with different volumes and times). Seven treatments with three replicas each one were carried out to obtain the best  results. Soil and plants were extensively monitored using wireless sensors network.

Date: 2011-2013

Title: Wireless monitoring of dangerous substances in industrial emergencies.

The main objective is to detect, monitor and control the dangerous substances emitted as a result of industrial emergencies. Additionally the impact on the atmosphere, soil, subsoil and surface water are monitorize in order to avoid risks for workers and the population.The project has wide range applications.

Date: 2012

Title: Wireless network sensors to control irrigation.

The objetive is to implement and evaluate wireless network sensors that provide climate and soil data in real-time. In areas where the water is scarce, like the southeast of Spain, the farmer must optimize the water use , and to do so, it is neccesary to apply strategies and schedule methods of irrigation which that are more efficient than the current techniques based on the data obtained. To achieve this objective a mix system will be collecting data from the meteorological station and the  soil sensors. All of data will be analyzed and managed by a SCADA system embedded in a CompactRIO located in the field, with the required algorithms integrated for irrigation decision-making. This equipment will be connected to a 3G modem to enable remote management from Internet.

Date: 2009-2012

Web: Wireless network sensors to control irrigation

Title: Coastal monitoring of the Mar Menor.

The main objective is to design and implement a large WSN (Wireless Sensor Network)  that allows the connection of  a serial of high Resolution sensors to estimate Tridimensional Hydrodynamics models . Thus the coastal Lagoon of the Mar Menor located in southeast Spain was monitored. Additionally, this system will be part of the Coastal Oceanographic Observatory of the Murcia Region (OOCMur).

Date: 2007-2010

Web: Coastal monitoring for the Mar Menor