Greenhouses, horticulture and tree crops

Using the technology that WIDHOC has developed for agriculture, you will be able to optimize water resources and obtain an improved fruit quality.



WIDHOC system is able to estimate and evaluate the water needs in several kind of crops, providing  a comprehensive advisory and automation service to achieve optimal and efficient management of this  so important asset, thereby achieving substantial savings in water.




WIDHOC has a self-developed system for oceanographic monitoring. This system is based on several smart buoys with sensors to monitor the quality of the marine ecosystem, controlling the movement of water and the prevailing currents, nitrates, pollutant particles and the number of species and organisms such as jellyfish.





With WIDHOC environmental control system,  It is possible to monitorize different parameters of the  air quality in remote areas easily,  which could lead to an  early detection of forest fires, contamination,  etc.