WIDHOC will use a UPCT patent para for buoys orientation

UPCT patent a system to orientate the oceanographics buoys using the wind energy.


Date: June, 2014

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Smart System to assist in the irrigation process

WIDHOC, located in  Parque Tecnológico of Fuente Álamo (Murcia, Spain), develop systems to optimize the water resources and control the water quality.


Date:  April 2014

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WIDHOC in the Innovation Days

Widhoc participates  in  ‘la Jornada de Innovación’ celebrated by  ‘la Escuela de Formación e Innovación de la Administración Pública de la Región de Murcia’.

Jornadas Innovacion

Date: February 2014

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Free plans related on marketing and selling businesses arising in UPCT

Widhoc has been responsibleof  the initiative of the European Business and Innovation Centre of Cartagena (CEEIC) which will help with free marketing plans to technology companies in UPCT.

This initiative aims to consolidate them in the market.


Date: January 9, 2014

Web: La opinión de Murcia